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is a 5 year old ginger boy whose human, Michelle called me because he had begun to pee all over the house, especially on the couch. This had been going on for 2 weeks. Michelle also had another 10 year old cat and a 3 year old dog. When I visited her house, Chester was by himself in her bedroom and she told me he'd been antisocial for the past couple of days, not wanting to play or interact with the others. After a few more questions and patting and feeling Chester I felt he had primarily a physical problem, most probably a UTI. I suggested she take him to the vet first thing in the morning. Before leaving, I treated her couch with Pet-Fix to remove the urine stains and odour.

The vet confirmed Chester had a UTI. He was treated for it and soon felt much better, however there were subsequent (emotional) peeing problems associated with a new flatmate. Once the flatmate moved out, his behaviour improved considerably.

BUBBLES, a 3 year old Ragdoll was in foster care at Nicki's house with another Ragdoll (Missy) and Jinx, a longhaired male tabby who is Nicki's cat. Nicki called because Bubbles had started peeing on her husband's favourite couch and it stunk. Jinx had started spraying on the curtains!

When I visited I quickly determined the problem was a big personality clash between the 2 girls and Jinx - they simply didn't like each other, hence the peeing. The solution was to relocate the fostered Ragdolls ... no problems in their new home!

SPYDER is a 15 month old ginger Manx male. His human, Sharon called me because he was peeing on her's and her son's beds and on the couch and was always hiding under her bed.

I found out that Sharon was working long hours away from home and her son (who doesn't like cats) had recently moved back home. Spyder was spending all day locked inside the house with her son and was absolutely terrified of him. His response was to pee on the beds and hide under the bed (so the son couldn't "get" him). I suggested the only solution was to rehome Spyder. He was rehomed, quickly settled in to his new home and there were no peeing problems at all.

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PET-FIX will permanently remove the odour of pet pee, poo and spew and lift stains from carpet, furniture, bedding, fabrics and clothing. So don't worry - you don't have to throw the couch or mattress out. A treatment with PET-FIX will solve the problem!

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