Pet-Fix ... finally something that works!

It took me 2 years to develop Pet-Fix to remove pet pee, poo and spew odours, lift the stains and discourage pets from going back to the same spot. It's been a lifesaver!

Pet-Fix works on carpet, furniture, bedding, fabrics and clothing. It will even work on leather. The kit includes a spray bottle and solution concentrate which makes up 1 litre of cleaning solution plus cleaning powder, but you can also purchase powder and concentrate refills seperately. The concentrate can also be used in the final rinse of a wash cycle to remove odours and stains from fabrics including clothing, sheets, blankets etc.

I recommend using a rubber broom on carpet but its also OK to use a white bristle brush or your hands with rubber gloves. You can likewise use either a white bristle brush or rubber gloves on furniture, mattresses, cat stands etc.

Its very easy to use, only takes a few minutes to apply and then you just simply let it dry before lightly brushing the area again. I've used Lavender Oil in the concentrate so a lovely fragrance will linger for a few days after treatment.

You can either call 0414 314 443 OR click on the ADD TO CART button to order online. To save on postage you can pick up Pet-Fix on the Gold Coast. Shipping Australia-wide is $12.00 for the Kit and $5.99 for the refills. To contact us via email with any questions ...

PET-FIX KIT $28.95



I used Pet-Fix to lift cat pee stains and odours from my carpet. It worked brilliantly and the cat hasn't peed in that spot since!
Ines Chubrich, Varsity Lakes

I used Pet-Fix to lift stains and odours from my couch after my dog repeatedly peed on it. Pet-Fix was excellent and now I've ordered more.
Renee Block, Merrimac

One of my cat's kept spraying on my brand new couch and was ruining it. But after I used Pet-Fix he stopped spraying on the couch and the smells and stains were gone - amazing!
Tracy Pitman, Labrador

One of my cats throws up frequently - orange vomit on white carpet - ouch! I tried lots of products but Pet-Fix worked the best and I keep it on hand to deal with any further spewing episodes.
Lynda Cutter, Sunnybank

Pet-Fix removed stains and odours from my mattress after my cat peed on it several times. Before that I couldn't sleep on it because of the smell. She hasn't peed on the bed again since the Pet-Fix treatment.
Jim Donaldson, Tweed Heads



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PET-FIX will permanently remove the odour of pet pee, poo and spew and lift stains from carpet, furniture, bedding, fabrics and clothing. So don't worry - you don't have to throw the couch or mattress out. A quick treatment with PET-FIX will solve the problem!



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