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Whether you have problems with peeing or spraying, pooing outside the litter tray, scratching furniture (or people), antisocial behaviour, aggression, hiding and timidity, special needs or post-injury recovery, I can help resolve the issue so you and your moggy can have a happy, secure and loving relationship.

Its simple and convenient. You can book either a home consult (if you live in the Gold Coast region) or a phone consult for those further away. In a home consult, I visit your home, ask a few questions about the situation, check out the environment, observe the cat/s in question and identify what's causing the problem. With a phone consult, I'll need a photo of your pet and will also ask questions about age, gender, personality etc. Sometimes there may be more than one reason for the behaviour but the good news is that I can usually resolve the issue quickly.

If you've experienced a peeing, pooing or spewing problem, pet stains and odours can safely and quickly be removed from carpet, furniture, bedding, fabrics and clothing using Pet-Fix and I always carry it with me!

For more details see the Book/Contact page or call or txt me anytime on 0414 314 443.

Warm Regards,
Barbara Jackson


Is your cat injured or ill and the vet can't help or is charging a ginormous fee to treat it? As an alternative you should consider Reiki or Crystal Energy Healing which can often effectively pinpoint and/or treat illness and injuries and is only a fraction of the cost of veterinary treatment. Better yet, if I can't help your cat, there's no charge. For details. click on Cat Healing in the navbar.
For many years myself and a friend have provided a pet minding service for people who can't or don't want to put their pet into a cattery or kennel while they're away. We have cared for cats, dogs, birds, farm animals such as chickens, goats and horses. For details or to book just call or txt Barb anytime on 0414 314 443.

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PET-FIX will permanently remove the odour of pet pee, poo and spew and lift stains from carpet, furniture, bedding, fabrics and clothing. So don't worry - you don't have to throw the couch or mattress out. A treatment with PET-FIX will solve the problem!

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