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I am an empath and grew up with a house full of pets, mostly cats. From an early age I had a unique bond with animals and was able to sense how they were feeling and understand them. By the age of 8, I could speak "cat" and at 10 I did my first kitten rescue on the way home from school. From the age of about 5, I noticed that I had super sensitive hearing, sight and smell and like a cat could see in the dark at night. I was also super alert and aware. My friends used to joke that I must have been a cat in a previous life - maybe they were right!

During my teenage years and early twenties I neglected my connection with animals as my priorities shifted to having a good time and seeing the world - as you do!

In the 90s I lived on a ranch up above Los Angeles in the San Gabriel mountains. We had lots of different animals - cats, dogs, ducks, chickens - even a donkey! My connection with animals was rekindled and I started once again doing rescues. When I came back to Australia in the late 90s I began to rescue and rehome stray cats in Sydney and rehabilitate "problem" cats.

In 2000 I relocated to the Gold Coast and the very first day a stray cream Persian, who I named Fluffy - what else? - rocked up to my door asking for a new home! I took him in of course. I began doing volunteer work at the Animal Welfare League wth dogs, then in 2002 started rescuing and rehoming dumped, abandoned and injured cats from the streets.

In 2009 I founded WildCats Animal Welfare, a registered charity dedicated to helping dumped, abandoned and injured cats and orphaned kittens in the Gold Coast/Brisbane region. I was able to establish trust with many of these animals - even the wild ones - because of my special connection and ability to speak their language.

Over the years I had helped many friends with "problem" pets, resolving issues such as peeing and spraying, aggression, antisocial behaviour and timidity. In 2015 I began to consider the idea of becoming a cat behavioural consultant and then when I saw Jackson Galaxy on TV, I knew this was right for me! In 2016 I succesfully completed animal communication courses, Level 1, Level 2 and Advanced with a professional instructor in Arizona and I'm currently doing courses with an Academy in South Africa to gain accreditation. I have also learned Reiki and am using crystal energy therapy to heal pets where vets can no longer help them or their fees are so high, the pet owners simply can't afford treatment and their only alternative is to euthanase their beloved pet. Many people come to me as a last resort but so far I've had a 100% success rate and helped animals escape a virtual death sentence.

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